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All correspondence sent to all parents


 Date Description
13th July 2018 Absence Letter
1st May 2018 T20 Cricket
24th April 2018 Ramadan Bus times (Year 7-10)
16th April 2018 Ramadan Letter Year 7-10, Year 11
16th March 2018 Sandcastle
14th March 2018 Book Fair
6th march 2018 War Horse (years 7 &8)
19th December 2017 Paris trip (Years 8,9 & 10)
8th December 2017 Lake district trip (years 7&8)
5th December 2017 Trafford Centre trip letter
8th November 2017 Spotacular letter
29th September 2017 Open Evening
25th September 2017 Napoli Football Trip
13th September 2017 Enrichment permission 2017-2018, Enrichment Timetable
10th September 2017 Forgotten History Club
5th September 2017 GCSE Combined Science Revision Pack (years 9, 10 & 11)
5th September 2017 GCSE Separate Science Revision Pack (years 9, 10 & 11)
5th September 2017 Key Stage 3 Revision Pack (years 7, 8 & 9)
21st July 2017 End of Year letter July 2017 
14th July 2017 Trip Letter
14th July 2017 End of Term Special Events (year 7) (Year 8,9 & 10)
7th July 2017 Family Fun day
5th July 2017 Ofsted Parent Inspection letter
28th June 2017 Alton-Towers
23rd June 2017 Eid Letter
7th June 2017 Iftari Event
26th May 2017 Ramadan Bus Times
22nd May 2017 Ramadan Charity Programme 2017
3rd May 2017 Ramadhan Letter, (attached timetable can be found in each year’s correspondence)
3rd April 2017 Levin Leaving letter to parents
16th March 2017 Lots Of Socks
25th January 2017 Paris letter (year 8,9 &10)
25th January 2017 Sale Sharks match
20th January 2017 Trip letter
13th December 2016 December letter
12th December 2016 Airvault Letter, Airvault terms
5th December 2016 Snow closure letter
25th November 2015 Football match
2nd November 2016 Report card explanation
17th October 2016 Football letter
28th September 2016 Football Match Letter
22nd September 2016 Enrichment Permission letter
7th September 2016 Lockers
6th September 2016 Sept Letter
25th August 2016 Meals and transport
27th June 2016 Eid Holiday Letter
23rd June 2016 End of Term Special Events July 2016  (Year 7), (Year 8&9)
10th June 2016 French Letter https://www.edenboysbolton.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Year-7-End-of-Term-Special-Events-July-2016.pdf
9th June 2016 June 2016 Activity Days letter
8th June 2016 Ramadan Appeal letter
27th May 2016 Ramadan Bus Times
24th May 2016 D&T catch-up letter
12th May 2016 Houses of Parliament Trip, Consent form
12th May 2016 Opening ceremony
6th May 2016 Water Park, equipment list
6th May 2016 Summer Exams Exam timetable year 8, year 9
6th May 2016 Football Letter
28th April 2016 Ramadan Letter
27th April 2016 Minecraft Club
27th April 2016 Saturday Football
22nd April 2016 Mathematics Revision Guides (year 7 &8) (Year 9)
7th April 2016 Rugby
14th March 2016 Student Lockers
1st March 2016 Student volunteer consent letter
1st March 2016 Open day
4th February 2016 Football Training
2nd February 2016 NSPCC Parents Letter
28th January 2016 Football tournament
15th January 2016 Residential Letter
7th January 2016 Snow School Closure
29th December 2015 Wolfenden Street Traffic
9th December 2015 Football tournament
2nd December 2015 Activity Letter , Activity Week
30th November 2015 WaterPark
19th November 2015 Transport Arrangements for Wolfenden Street
19th November 2015 Enrichment club cancelled
11th November 2015 Football Match trip
6th November 2015 Operation Christmas
6th November 2015 Intervention and Enrichment cancelled
5th November 2015 Parents Shura
3rd November 2015 Report Card Letter (years 7 and 8)
23rd October  2015 Indoor Climbing
14th October 2015 Football Match
14th October 2015 Transport and Meals
12th October 2015 Intervention and Enrichment cancelled
6th October 2015 Open Evening
 15th July 2015 Transport and Meals

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