Billion Steps Challenge

Stepping up to The Billion Steps Challenge!

This academic year we’ve set ourselves a challenge that will see our school community become more active and get into healthier habits.

The Billion Steps Challenge will see our pupils, staff and the wider Eden Boys’ School community collectively walk 450,000 miles between September 2017 and July 2018.

We’re not planning large scale walks from Land’s End to John O’Groats! Instead we are simply encouraging our school community to leave the car at home for short journeys – coming to and from school, going out to the shops or to visit relatives – and to go on foot instead.

We’re not asking anyone to invest in any expensive technology to count their steps either. We’ve calculated that one mile walked is approximately 2,250 steps (based on an average stride length for a person measuring 5’7” tall). We also know that a brisk walk covers, on average, one mile every 15 minutes.

The step counting will be done by the individuals and we will take their step counts on trust. We are asking our pupils and their families, staff and the wider community to ‘donate’ their steps to our grand total to help us reach our target of a billion steps by next summer.

In school we’re already incorporating more walking into our daily routines. For example:

  • By encouraging pupils to walk to school every day
  • By asking pupils who arrive to school early to walk one mile each morning by doing laps of the MUGA or sports field
  • By having a five minute warm-up at the start of each PE lesson where pupils walk laps of the sports hall.

Our Principal Shabir Fazal said:

“This is a big challenge for our pupils, their families and our school staff too, but setting out on this journey together means we can support one another as we become more active and healthier.

“There is clear evidence that diabetes, heart disease and obesity – what I call ‘lifestyle illnesses’ – are prevalent among the BME community. We’re keen to encourage our pupils to look after themselves better from an early age. Now is the time to help our young people to develop healthy habits, and becoming more active during the school day and on their way to and from school is an easy way to start.”

As a school community, we plan to arrange regular guided walks around the local area that anyone living locally is welcome to join. Our pupils will be informed of events as they are arranged.

In the meantime, to find out more about our Billion Step Challenge, contact the school on (01204) 849240.


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