Eden Boys’ School, Bolton named in top 70 schools after inaugural GCSE results

Eden Boys’ School has been placed in the top 70 schools nationally in the Key Stage 4 performance tables.

New GCSE performance tables published by the Department for Education today show the ‘Progress 8’ scores for each school in England. Progress 8 measures the progress of every pupil in a school from age 11 to GCSE across eight subjects, including key academic subjects.

Our school ranked 70 in the tables with a P8 score of 0.96 compared to a national average of -0.02.  A grade 5 or above was reached by 78% of the boys in GCSE English and maths and 90% of them were entered into the English Baccalaureate by taking English, maths, sciences, a language and either history or geography, compared to 33.10% locally and 38.4% nationally. Its average score was 5.48 compared to 3.84 locally and 4.04 of state schools nationally. The school’s Attainment 8 score of 60.2 for pupils based on how well pupils have performed in up to 8 qualifications, which include English, maths, three English Baccalaureate qualifications – including sciences, computer science, history, geography and languages, and three other additional approved qualifications is also well above the local average of 44.6 and national state school average of 46.5.

Shabir Fazal, Principal, said: 

“We are proud of our first Year 11 cohort and all their achievements. They worked incredibly hard and  applied themselves well to the very challenging, reformed GCSE courses and tougher exams.

“Following on from our outstanding Ofsted report last year, these exceptional outcomes prove total commitment of our staff to ensuring every single student achieves their full potential.”

Star Academies, the multi-academy trust which runs Eden Boys’ School, also celebrated having more schools placed in the top 70 in the country than any other multi-academy trust.

Five of Star’s academies are placed in the top 70, and four are in the top 12, with TIGHS in Blackburn, in first place nationally.

(Mufti) Hamid Patel CBE, Chief Executive of Star Academies, explained:

“As exams became much tougher in several subjects this year, the Government figures show that we are continuing to achieve amazing results with our students – regardless of their prior ability and background.  What’s really impressive is that some of our most vulnerable learners – those who have performed poorly at primary school and those who are in care or from low-income families – have achieved so well.  That shows how we are really transforming lives.”

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