Adverse Weather Arrangement

Procedures in case of severe weather conditions

At this time of year there is always a possibility of severe weather conditions such as those caused by heavy snow and ice on the roads and all the associated issues that that may bring.

This page explains what will happen if there is severe weather and the school has to make a decision about whether it is safe for students to come into school.

1. Heavy snowfall overnight

In the case of heavy snowfall overnight a senior member of staff will consider whether the school site can be accessed safely and the state of local transport and road conditions. He/she will also inspect the school site by 6.00am. Taking all this into account, a decision will be made about whether to close the school. Once this decision has been made we will contact all parents via our text messaging service and also update our website. If the school is closed an announcement will also be made on the local radio station, Bolton FM (Bolton FM – 96.5 FM). The school will then update parents by 4.00pm the same day to inform you about arrangements for the following day.

2. Heavy snowfall during the school day

In the event of extreme weather conditions during the day we will consider the local weather forecast, conditions around the school site and around local roads. If it is deemed unsafe to keep school open we will contact parents by text and post a message on our website. Students who walk to school will be allowed to walk home unless you tell us otherwise. Those who are picked up by car will be kept safely in the Dining Hall until collected and boys travelling on the school bus will be supervised before escorting to the bus when it arrives. We will liaise with our bus company and if necessary arrange an earlier pick-up if road conditions start to become an issue.

We need your support to make these procedures work

In order for these procedures to work we must have up to date contact numbers for you. If you have changed your number since returning the data collection sheet at the start of the year please contact the school office directly or send in a note with your son.

Parents should assume the school will be open unless they hear otherwise – our priority is always to keep the school open and ensure our students don’t miss any lessons – we will only close the school in extreme conditions where the safety of both students and staff is at risk.

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