School Bus Times

The pupils will be picked up from the normal service bus stops labelled as below.  Details of the route and times are as follows and is also printed on the pass.

 Time Service Bus top Name
 7:00am  Lever Street/Lever Drive
 7:03am  Lever Street/Heywood Park
 7:05am  Bridgeman Street/High Street
 7:08am  Bridgeman Street/Mancroft Avenue
 7:15am  Derby Street/High Street
 7:18am  Cannon Street/Chatham Gardens
 7:20am  Deane Road/College Way (near the Red London bus steak house)
 7:30am  Arrival at the school, Wolfenden Street

Please ensure that your son knows exactly where they will be collected and that they arrive at least 5 minutes before the pick-up time.

School Bus Times in Ramadhan

During Ramadhan school starts at 9.45am and finishes at 3.15pm. As a result of this the bus times will also change so that students can get here at the new start time during Ramadhan. The new times are:

9.10am Lever St / Lever Drive
9.13am Lever St / Heywood Park
9.15am Bridgeman St / High Street
9.18am Bridgeman St / Mancroft Ave
9.25am Derby Street / High Street
9.28am Cannon Street / Chatham Gardens
9.30am Deane Road / College Way (near Red London Bus Steak House)
9.40am Arrival at the school, Wolfenden Street

At the end of the day the bus will leave school at 3.15pm on Monday to Thursday during Ramadhan. On Fridays it will leave at 12.20pm.

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